About Us

It is the mission of The Pendleton Neighborhood Council to:

(A) Promote the general health, safety and well-being of residents by: actively pursuing public safety; enhancing residents' quality-of-life through community engagement, recreation, preservation of communal spaces, and the arts; and pursuing ways to beautify the neighborhood including but not limited to its parks, gardens/flower beds, green spaces, and streetscapes.

(B) Provide a forum for Pendleton residents to communicate, review and discuss neighborhood matters but also to communicate with the following groups to achieve Council mission and purposes:

i. The City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County plus other governmental agencies;

ii. Other nonprofit corporations, businesses, developers, and associations.

(C) Help protect and preserve the historic, architectural, and aesthetic value of buildings, objects, structures, sites, view sheds and landscapes that contribute to the Over-the-Rhine Historic District or are eligible for landmarking, and are located in or near the Pendleton neighborhood

Our Council Bylaws

Most recently revised in 2021, the most up to date bylaws of our organization are below:

PNC bylaws_9.13.21.pdf

Our community